Do These and Be Poor

Do These and Be Poor

I grew up in a home where I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. All my life, I have been taking risks. Despite the challenges I faced, there is one thing I never did.

Guess what? I never blamed or looked for ways to accuse my parents of us being miserable. Why should I blame them when even if I do, things won’t change! Instead of nagging or complaining, I rather look for ways to make things right and for us to be productive.

Don’t get me wrong. I know you might be saying that things aren’t easy, that you are poor because of bad government policies, or you have no viable job. But the truth is, even if you travel to any country that seems to have ‘good things of life,’ if you don’t change some things about yourself, you will be poor.

If you continue with these things, you will be poor even if you travel to the best country in the world. A rat in Europe will still be a rat in America. You might be asking, what are those things you do that always make you poor. Don’t worry, here are seven things that will make you poor.

  1. Dwelling in the Past: People who are wealthy and successful don’t live in the past. Yes, you might have passed through so many challenges in life, but you need to stop reverting to the past. Even if your history seems right, you need to stop talking about it.

    Face the future. Talk about the future because that is what is very important. You can’t rewrite the past, but you can write the future. So, dwelling in the past will make you unfortunate because you won’t see opportunities.

    Instead, you will see doom and thus, you won’t want to take risks. Hear this, no successful or wealthy person you see today that didn’t take a risk. So, forget the past and move on up.

  2. Expecting Vacations and Weekends: When you focus your time on weekends or vacations, so you can rest or take a chill, you are losing it. Yes, rest is good, but don’t always want it. Some don’t like Mondays. They see Mondays are hectic days and will want the weekend to come. To be productive, you need to know every day as necessary.

    Some people make money more on weekends than on weekdays. Some opportunities abound on all days, so wanting weekends or vacations all the time can make you miserable. In a year, you can take a short break, but not all weekends should be a sit-at-home activity.

    Get off your ass and look for opportunities that come with weekends. You can take advantage of starting a recreational business or a business that deals in entertainment and weekends are you best bet making cold cash.

  3. Words with No Action:
    Talk. Talk. When you talk about things you wish to do, and you don’t take action, you will remain poor. To be prosperous and successful, you need to take action.

    You can’t just say you want to make money, and you talk about it all day without mapping out plans or ways to make money. People are poor because they like to talk about it and not do something about it. Yes, it is good to talk about your intentions or prospects, but don’t just stop there; take actions!

    Arnold Glasow said, “An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.”

  4. Resenting Rich and Successful People: Overset your mindset. Poor people tend to speak ill of wealthy people. When they see a rich person driving a big car, poor people tend to be envious or jealous of that wealthy individual.

    Here is the thing: you need to change your mindset! Rather than being jealous, look out for such an individual and try to learn from him/her. Now, get close so you can emulate those things they did that made them rich. Let them mentor and lead you in the pathway of success. Don’t have any hate on them; instead, let them be your inspiration.

  5. Love for Sleep: Rich people sleep late and wake early while poor people sleep early and wake late. If you love to sleep too much, you will be poor. Sleep is good for the body, but too much sleep is a gateway to being poor. Train yourself on how to go to bed for a few hours. Wake early and prepare for the day’s activity.

  6. Being with Lazy People: If you want to be poor, then surround yourself with lazy people, but if you’re going to be wealthy and successful, you need to be in the company of smart and hardworking people. The people you surround yourself with will determine how far you will go in life.

    I like this saying, “Show me, your friend and I will tell you who you are.” You need to be friends with rich people so they can show you the way to make it in life.

    Lazy people will spend their time talking about irrelevant things and thereby making you continue to be poor, but hardworking people will push and inspire you to be successful.

  7. Not Taking Risks: If you don’t take a risk, you can’t be productive. You need to gear up to take a risk even if you fail. Hear this: failure is not falling but staying down. If you take a risk and you fail, be happy that you are one step to your success.

    Poor people don’t like to take a risk. They fear that they may lose it all, but the truth is, if you take a risk, you will learn more to be productive. Roy T. Bennett said, “Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.”


The state of being poor is a choice. If you want to be rich, you need to change your mindset and let go of bad habits that didn’t move you to be productive, just like those things mentioned above and do something that will add value to your life so you can be fruitful. It begins with you!

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