How to Market More Effectively With a T-Shirt


As valuable as traditional channels of advertising and marketing campaign may be, they are very expensive and usually requires a brand to have a very large marketing budget to remain relevant in the market.

This is the main reason why major advertisement channels such as TV, newspaper, billboards and other major mediums can only be utilized by big brands with large marketing budgets. These major marketing channels are beyond the reach of startups and other businesses with little or modest marketing budget.

This is where perfectly branded T-shirts come into play. If you haven’t gotten a T-shirt that bears your brand name and logo, you are definitely missing out on an effective, affordable and powerful channel of marketing and advertising.

A lot of entrepreneurs, as part of their marketing campaign devote a lot of time on the internet and other traditional means of advertising such as TV, radio and newspapers. Apart from being expensive, sometimes, these marketing channels can be ineffective and normally takes a lot of time to achieve the desired result.

Making use of nicely branded T-shirts can make a lot of difference in the effective marketing of businesses and brands. Apart from being very cheap compared to traditional methods of advertising, branding T-shirts is a direct method of marketing

Direct marketing has been proven to be very effective.

According to a research survey on the $16.9 billion Promo Products industry, Branded T-shirts and Pens can outdo TV and the internet as a marketing tool.

In this era of service and product overload, attempting to get people to commit to making use of your service or purchasing your products can be a complex task without effective marketing strategies.

One of your best marketing strategies you can utilize is producing customized and amazing company branded T-shirts to be worn by you, your employees, customers and anyone who you can convince to put on the shirt. Everyone wearing the T-shirt becomes your brand ambassadors, announcing your brand anywhere they go.

Allow others to spread the good news about your brand! Invest in a cheap   marketing strategy that will advertise your product or/and services on the go.

In reality, you and your employees have got to wear clothes every day, as such, why not put on your beautifully designed and branded T-shirts to market your brand anywhere you go. Your employees, customers and a lot of other people will gladly wear your T-shirt if they are beautifully designed and gotten for free.

Benefits of Using T-Shirts in a Marketing Campaign

According to a research survey by Pitney Bowes, 70% of all small businesses claim that their best promotional strategy involves a combination of both digital and print communication. There are a lot of reasons why T-shirt as a marketing tool will remain relevant in serving as an effective marketing tool.

Below are just a few of the potential benefits:

  • They’re inexpensive.
  • T-shirts are Walking Advertisements.
  • Have potential to reach a broad range of audience.
  • T-shirts Unite People.
  • They’re versatile.
  • They’re easy to produce.
  • They outlast the campaign period (enhancing brand exposure).
  • Easy and comfortable to use.

What Makes A Great Marketing T-Shirt?

  • It sends a message you’d like to pass across to your audience
  • Have innovative, fun and simple design aimed at showcasing your products/services.
  • T-shirt design is in line with your brand’s mission and values
  • Quality, super-soft T-shirt beautifully designed that no one will have any issue putting it on.

How To Grow And Promote New And Existing Customers Using T-Shirts?

  • Do frequent promotions that enable participants to receive a free T-shirt
  • Give out free T-shirts to family and friends. They would gladly wear it if the T-shirt is attractive and quality enough.
  • Have people receive free T-shirt for signing up for free trials.
  • Give away T-shirts to your best customers as thank you gifts.
  • Send out your T-shirts to prospective clients and business partners



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