Creative Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Business

creative-marketingDo you Wish to discover some interesting methods to attract more clients to your organization? In this article, we’ll discuss some simple but creative methods to attract more customers to your business

How do businesses generate money? It’s basic; they sell services or products to individuals (consumers) and make a profit in the process.

Regardless of how fantastic your services or product may be, your organization will not make any sales and generate profit unless clients purchase from them. No customers, no business. Full Stop!

Conversely, the majority of small businesses experience tough times or fail, not because consumers do not want to purchase their products, but due to the fact that consumers are not even aware that their products or services exist in the very first instance.

For lots of small businesses, marketing and advertising is a big issue. For this reason, we explore 10 simple, creative  and extremely effective methods that small brands can advertise and promote their products and services. If selling had actually been a problem for your company, you will definitely discover one or more effective method below.

Determine Your Marketing Technique

Marketing is the life wire of any business that is serious with their brand. You must find ways (paid or free) to effectively promote your product and services. Your marketing technique will be determined by your specific niche or target customers. Try a few of these marketing concepts to get through to your target customers.

  • Content marketing/Blogging
  • Customized T-shirt, caps or pen
  • Direct-mail marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Create a Fantastic website
  • Flyers/ billboards
  • Newspapers/magazines.
  • Pay per click ads

Retain Your Customers

This is one of the best and easy ways to keep your business alive. It’s less expensive to keep a customer than to go chasing after a brand-new one. Your best prospect to constantly generate more income is to keep and upsell to existing customers. The best method to retain and continuously upsell to existing customers is to always keep in touch with them while striving to always keep them happy with your services/products.

Here are a couple of concepts to integrate into your service.

  • Ask for feedback on Facebook and Twitter regarding your product/services.
  • Conduct an online study about your customer care.
  • Contact clients within 7-10 days of a sale.
  • Encourage customers to leave a review on your site, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Angie’s list, Google+, TripAdvisor, or Yahoo listings.
  • Send birthday cards to your customers.
  • Send out an email newsletter at least once in a month (weekly preferably).
  • Send out holiday cards (It’s not only Xmas, try other periods of celebration like Valentine’s Day or any other holiday).

‘Free’ Works Like Magic!

Everyone loves and enjoys free stuff, including your potential and existing customers.

Giving out a few of your product/services or other stuff free of charge does three really helpful and remarkable things for your small business:.

  • First, it introduces your brands to people and create awareness of your product/services.
  • Secondly, it gives you an opportunity to show the value of your services or product and prove that it truly works.
  • Thirdly, it provides your potential customers with a risk free method to check out your product/services without spending any cash. And if clients discover the value in your products/services, they will be geared up to pay cash for it.

One of your best marketing methods you can make use of to give out free stuff is producing customized and amazing business branded T-shirts to be worn by you, your staff, customers, friends, family members and anyone who you can persuade to put on the T-shirt.

You can also create customized caps and pen with the logo of your brand.

Everyone using the T-shirt or other customized product becomes your brand ambassadors, advertising your brand anywhere they go.

According to a research survey on the $16.9 billion Promo Products market, Top quality Tee shirts and Pens can surpass TV and the web as a marketing tool.

Deliver Quality

Quality will always stand out anywhere. Can you make your product/services better than those of others in your industry? Can you make your products/services:

  • Better designed
  • Bigger
  • Smaller
  • Longer-lasting
  • More eco-friendly
  • More efficient
  • More modern
  • More secure
  • Much easier to use

Can you enhance the quality within acceptable profit margins? If your prospective customers would value any of these things, make the modifications.

If you believe your brand is already much better, ensure people are aware of it – emphasize on the advantages of your product/services in your marketing and Press Release. Despite the fact that you might have an exceptional item in virtually every sense, you must recognize that it may take some time for your target audience to comprehend and appreciate your message.

Develop an Irresistible Offer

What, precisely, are you offering with your products/services, and what must your customers give in return? To be successful in your marketing campaign, you must have the skill to present offers to people that they will find too attractive to resist.

For instance: “Bank with us and receive a pension for life!”

I am sure many people won’t be able to resist such offer and will certainly want to get more details about it.

You want to make an attractive offer in an engaging manner that people will quickly raise their hands and shout “I want that!”

Understand Exactly what your Potential customers  Want Emotionally and Logically

Study your prospective customers (people who is likely to use your product) and determine what they really Find out what they truly, really desire. What do they dream of achieving with your product or services?

There’s no point in marketing your products/services if you aren’t sure exactly what your target audience wants. Here’s a key principle: individuals buy exactly what they want, not exactly what you believe they require. Learn more about your market and modify your products/services to suit what they actually want and you’ll discover sales a lot easier.

Deliver Top-notch Customer support

Delivering top-notch customer service cannot be overemphasized. Giving your existing customers first-class customer services, as well as dealing with grievances and queries from customers and potential customers effectively and making their experience a pleasurable one, is an outstanding technique for consumer retention as well as attracting new ones.

Delivering superb customer services can in addition be a remarkable way to attract and retain your competitors’ customers.

When you make that additional effort to make your customers and potential customers  feel special, they’ll tell their family, friends as well as chat about your brand on social media. When a new customer comes through your door for the very first time, ensure they receive a simple and satisfying experience – and they will likely decide to stay.

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